Denton 68-1, Meeker wells, production update

Denton 68-1 is currently making 8 barrels/day and almost no gas. They installed an ESD on the well (electric submersible bottom hole pump) and are pulling 1000 bbls of water an hour off the well to stimulate flow. Have to wait to see if it works.

The next well east of the Denton just got another frack job but seems to be flowing back with good volume and pressure. The next well east of that one is just finishing a frack job…all the people and equipment are still on location.

Red136-137 is holding 1600 PSI surface, making 1400 bbls crude/condensate per day, and flowing about 25 Million MCF/day gas.

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Ol, Lawrence,

Good to see you back up and kicking, from what I’ve read you had a pretty rough time for a while. I just saw on Mineral Rights Forum where you mentioned Red 136-137 and production numbers and some re-fracking of some wells. I’m curious now about what you know about Red 136-137 as the production has been poor to say the least. When they tested the well it was around 1600 bpd but had dropped to 150-200 bpd last month,big difference. Also since coming on line there has been trucking charges for hauling the oil off until this last month when there was none so wonder if they finally have a pipe line now connected. Any information you have will be appreciated. I’m trying to join the yahoo group but having some problems but will keep trying so I can keep up with your info about the area. I’ll add my email address.

Stan Mitchell, Red 136-137