Delinquent taxes

We have a long court battle over who owns wells. It will be in judges hands a year in March. Have been paying taxes for 3 years and not sure what happens if I don’t pay this year. Am willing to pay late fees while I wait for the judge, but if I don’t pay by March what happens?

There’s a process if you don’t pay the taxes…normally you have to get behind 2-3 years before they will file a lawsuit against you. If you still don’t pay they will be auctioned off once the taxing entity wins the judgment. Typically you can pay off any time up until time of the auction…however you may have penalties, interest, and attorney fees. There seems to be no set time limit as to when the taxing entities will file suit. Could be after a year, sometimes after 2-3 years, around me they tend to take longer than that…maybe 10 years.

What is your battle? Who is getting paid and why are they not paying the taxes?

There is a divorce which isn’t clear as to who got what. So two families fighting over ownership. It’s been in the judges hands since March, but we’ve been paying the taxes for three years and now I’m broke. Kind of hoping to put off the $8,000 for as long as possible

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