Delinquent Royalty Payments

No royalty payments have been made to me at all from Casillas for mineral leases in McClain County, section 33, 6N, 4W and section 28, 6N, 4W. It’s been over 6 months that payments have been due. What’s going on? Is that legal?

If you have clear title, they owe you 12% interest. If you have a clouded title, you will need to clear it up and will have a lesser interest payment.

The Indultado 1-28-21-MXH has a surface location in 33 but goes north into 28. No revenue for 33.

The Coop 1-33-4WXH has a surface location in 34, but does have perforations in 33.

Send a certified return receipt letter to the Division Order department of Casillas requesting your pay status. They may need probate documents or not have your correct address. Also request your interest payment. Give your name, address, lease copy or pooling letter copy, phone number, email, etc. They may be looking for you.