Delaware Basin Resources issues

I have been dealing with Delaware Basin Resources since 2014 to correct division orders with the correct royalty interest. What recourse do I have to get the back payment with interest that is due? I have been emailing the senior landman since April 2014 and every time it is "working on it" or "division orders will be sent" etc... We have not seen anything. I feel like we are getting the run around. Does anyone have any advise as to how to get this resolved?

Hi, Audrey -

Sounds to me like you need to have an Attorney contact the company. If you don't have one or know of one, there are several that help people here on The Forum or I can recommend a few.

Admittedly, it can take quite a while to prepare Title Run Sheets, Title Opinions, Cure any title issues and prepare Division Orders, but two years seems to be stretching it a bit. Most of that work would have needed to have been completed before they even moved the rig on.

What is the nature of your interest? Do you own Mineral Interests or Royalty Interests?

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Our family uses Wade Caldwell out of San Antonio. He is fair on his charges. He is used by many on this forum and has a good reputation. We have learned the hard way, that you need a lawyer when dealing with oil companies. Good luck Jay

royalty interest

Royalty that was reserved in a lease or royalty that was acquired by Deed or by Reservation?

The difference could be extremely important.

If it is royalty acquired by a Deed or by a Reservation, have you signed a Ratification or a Pooling Agreement yet?

acquired by deed

we have been receiving payments since 2005 or before but thru different companies thru the years.

From the same specific properties or do you know?

The reason I am asking all these questions is that, if you have not signed a Ratification of a Lease that affects the specific subject lands, you may be due a substantial amount of money. Many times over what the company may think it owes you.

I have three clients right now that were recently offered a total of $6,400 for some royalty interests that two of them didn't even know they owned.

When they contacted me, asking if I thought it was a good offer, I told them how while most Mineral and Royalty Buyers are (fairly) legit, some are not. That sometimes they know that you are owed royalties being held in suspense (such as yours are now) and they are trying to, in essence, use your own money to buy your interests.

They gave me a little time to look up what I could on their property and to talk it over with an Attorney I frequently work with and, low and behold: Because they never signed a Ratification, they are owed something in the neighborhood of $320,000.00.

The company had offered them $6,400.00.

The Attorney I mentioned and I are going after the company right now. It appears that some of the sleazier ones like to simply ignore Royalty Owners...

same specific properties

2006 ICA Energy; 2007 it was with Breck then Shell Patriot in 2012 is when the RI was in correct which is when I notified them. Sec 4 blkC-4

Sec 4, Blk C-4 in what County? And do you know what RR Co. Survey?

You mean Shell Patriot had your royalty interests (decimal interest) incorrect in 2012 and you notified them of that? Have you been in suspense that long?

I just re-read your original message and saw where Delaware Basin Resources now has your royalty interests incorrect. Is that a holdover from Shell Patriot?

The division order is with Shell trading but the correspondence has been thru the Delaware Landman. The DO was 2012. I am not familiar with ratification paperwork.

PSL survey
We are not talking about much money but this affects 5 families

You appear to have multiple issues here:

A Division Order with Shell Trading from 2012 that you and your extended family say is incorrect and perhaps has not yet been corrected.

Now dealing with Landmen from Delaware Basin Resources.

Not familiar with any Ratification's of any Leases.

Audrey, if you can scan in your documents and any letters or emails you have received regarding all of this mess and send them to me, I may be able to help sort this all out.

You are welcome to attach the documents here, or you can "Accept" my offer to become "A Friend" on The Forum that I am about to send you, you can send me that information more privately.

Hope this helps -


I really appreciate all your help. I will send you all the documentation Wednesday next week. We are leaving for vacation for a few days. With Documents from 1937 and extensive correspondence since 2012, I will need to go thru the private forum.

Thank you again