Searched for deeds regarding my great aunt, Zemula Johnson, on the Texas File web site.

Found deeds for several sites dating back to 1916; and latest was 1962. Very difficult to

read the deeds. I did not try to print any of the deeds. Where else would be a good site to view the deeds? My great aunt was the grantor to my grandmother, Emma Cowan in the


what counties are you searching in?

Thanks Cole for your interest. The sites are located in Reeves County, Texas.

On texasfile did you "preview" the documents instead of purchasing them? I believe previewed documents may have less resolution. Also, could you phone Reeves county clerk's office and pay to have copies sent to you?

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You are welcome, Woody. I suggest you purchase one of the deeds on texasfile to see if that will be the simplest solution for you.

Thanks AJ for the info. No, I only previewed the deeds. I will call the Reeves County clerk's office

and pay for copies. is pretty handy. They've got Reeves County well covered and they have a searchable index so you can search by name.

Thank you Andy, I can use all the help.