Deed Transfer

Hello everyone. First I want to thank you all for joining our group and welcome to all! I’m happy to see it growing. I would like to know the steps to take to do a transfer of ownership for the deed itself. We have been successful in other steps to obtain the payments on inherited mineral rights but we need to have the deed title itself transferred. Do we really need to have an attorney or can we accomplish this ourselves? Thanks


I wouldn't do it unless you know a lot about legal transfer.

A good attorney in Alva, would be Larry Bays or his son. 580-327-2883, He's on one of the main street, I think it's flynn or something like that.

Thank you Virginia! Is Alva where the courthouse is?


Alva is where Woods Co court house is. And Attorney Bays office is on the north side of the courthouse if I remember right. It's been awhile since I have been there.

What steps did you take to get the payments sent to you in your name?

Vicki we actually hired an Attorney and did a quiet title. We have our own deed now with our names on it although we haven’t received the money yet. My niece is a tiger and wrote to the congressman about it. We will get paid eventually

For my father’s share we just filled out the affidavits of Heirship and got paid from Chesapeake and Unclaimed property