Deed then Partition Deed

Grandparents own property that when bought, stated seller reserved 1/2 interest in the mineral rights. Evidently all of the sellers family or heirs were not notified about the sale of the property. They then had to do a partition deed with everyone on the deed. This includes my grandparents and the family members who initially sold the property. There were new sellers/owners named in the partition deed, but the partition deed made no mention of mineral rights. Does the initial deed supersede the partition deed? What about the mineral interest for the people in the partition deed, but not listed in original deed? This is in Texas. Mineral rights have been leased for at least 12 years since 1971 when my grandparents bought property, and mineral interest acres have always been paid the same. Now since there may be a drilling permit, drilling company has hinted the mineral interest and the amount of mineral acres owned may be wrong and grandparents don’t own as much as they thought. Any insight would be great.

My mother went through this after her father died and had to hire a Mineral Title Attorney to verify ownership then sued the O&G Company for back production. Her father had a O&G Lease from 1940 and he was suppose to have an undivided x/x mineral interest on several tract's that were located in 4 Unit's.

You can go to to view the Document's (Deed's & O&G Lease) that were filed (look at the county where you live and county where the mineral's are located). Require's a $20 deposit if you want to view or print the document.