Deed and lease search


Looking for suggestions which may be helpful for several counties in Texas. Our Aunt died back in 1995. My wife was her estate executor and probated her estate wishing a year or so. Her brother was in charge of taking care of the oil and gas leases. Some were done. We have recently found many old property deeds and leases dating back into the thirties through the sixties.
How would one go about researching whether these are still owned?
We are new to this so any help is appreciated


You can use TexasFile, CourthouseDirect, or . Most of them will let you search the indexes for free, but pay for images.

If you own anything that is producing there should be tax accounts set up in each county for the interest. You need to check the County Appraisal District website and search the mineral roll. You should your aunt’s name, as well as other relatives.

You can also search Unclaimed Funds, and are good places to find you may own additional minerals.


Thank you for the reply.

I have already done the Texas missing money thing and it worked for about 1200 dollars. I looked at the counties listed on the other link you sent me and only a couple were relevant to me. Most of the counties we have are in the eastern and north eastern part of the state. But here is the thing. The Aunts estate did probate some properties in Texas, Oklahoma and a North Dakota.