Decoding Royalty Payments Information

First I want to apologize for posting on the 'Permits" Section. I now recognize how these Discussion Boards are organized, and will post appropriate information here -v- there.

I just received my first Royalty check from Breitburn Operating LP on the Wilkinson - McElroy "A" Well 1H. ALL of my Royalty Checks for 20 years have just had breakdowns for oil, and then gas. On this Royalty Check, there are 3 categories, and I wish someone could tell me what the 3rd category is, or means. Also, what is the actual gas volume that flowed out of the well??

I will list the Jan 2016 volumes and information as found on the Royalty payment:

OIL R1 $33.44 5,626 barrels

PPR R1 $0.20 240,949.73 MCF

GAS R1 $2.09 130,308.40 MCF

I thought that PPR might mean propane or something based upon the fact that whatever it is, it is only valued at $0.20??? Was the actual amount of the natural gas that came out of the well 130,308.40MCF, or is it 240,949.73MCF, the sum of the two, or what ??

Summation, what is PPR, and what is actual volume. Thanks to someone if they know.

I have Breitburn in Smith County and have never figured out the statements. Think PPR is plant products whatever that is. I have never had it out of the gas wells I have.

Also hope you noted that they have just filed Bankruptcy--Chapter 11.

Mary Gilliam

Thanks, I did some exploring on the Internet and figured out that it meant Plant Products after I posted this. More investigation revealed that Plant Products was basically liquids knocked out of natural gas when it went through a gas processing plant. The price on the statements is per gallon, and comes out to be a lot lot cheaper than liquid oil (maybe 1/3 as much).

The Breitburn thing was expected. I notice they have a Pending Order in with the Bankruptcy Court to continue to pay Royalty Owners so that they can continue 'Normal Operations". I can't imagine that the Court wouldn't approve. I also can't help but notice that in their Press Release they say they will continue to work with secured and unsecured creditors to restructure their balance sheet. I pray they don't mean Royalty Owners in that list of creditors (wouldn't think so). I would just as soon try and legally void my Oil and Gas lease than to not be paid!!!

Do not think they do mean royalty owners. We should know at the end of the month.

Mary Gilliam