Declaration of Pooling Question - Doddridge

I own mineral rights in Doddridge County and just noticed that my rights have been included in a Declaration of Pooling. My rights have been under a lease for over 30 years. It appears that CNX is going to perform horizontal drilling which will be partially on my property (a small amount)

Should they at some point reach out to me or would all of this fall under the original lease?

I just want to know is there anything for me to do except sit back and wait or should I be more aggressive.

They should send you a modication to the old lease to allow them to drill.

It’s going to fall under the old lease if the old lease has been producing and paying over that entire time. Like DT11 said, they should be asking for a modification, although a 30 year old lease may include pooling language. At that point in time some did, some didn’t. Nothing wrong with being a bit aggressive a/k/a proactive. Call CNX up and make sure they didn’t miss you. Sometimes they do.

That was what I was afraid of - It does include pooling language and allowed to drill below a certain depth with out a limit to the depth. I need to research and see if there were years when none of the wells produced oil/gas. As I recall we went through a period of time when we did not receive royalty checks.

Thank you for the information.

Yep. If they went two years without paying and without producing then you have an argument that the lease expired.