Declaration of Pooling (NOT)

The last Declaration of Pooling that I received was in June of 2015, yet I know that I have several wells that have been permitted and drilled, but have not received a Declaration of Pooling. Anyone else have this problem?>??

Hi, Arnold -

We would have to have more information to try and answer your question.

Do you have a copy of the June 2015 Declaration that you can upload? Are the additional Wells in the same Unit? Are the Wells all named the same, but with different numbers?

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Charles, The wells all have different names, different well numbers, different units, and are in different districts. I will not send copies of the June 2015 Declaration as it is 47 pages long, lot's of folks having interest. The wells that I mentioned were all leased by the same Company. The wells are in Doddridge County WV, and what I am trying to find out is> are other folks in Doddridge having the same problem, Or is it because of the slow down??


I don't know much of anything about WV, but can pass your question over to some people here in Fort Worth that do.

Sounds to me like the slow down might be the culprit.

If you're getting your royalty checks, the rest might not matter. Perhaps there is something you can access through the WV Oil and Gas people's website that might help.

Hi Arnold, that wouldn't be Macpherson would it? But then its 45 pages and has been pooled since Janurary 2015 but has yet to be drilled. Most likely slow down or they haven't gotten to it yet. Won't find out till Antero finally posts all their 2015 production results over at website. Last year they didn't do it till the end of March.

I beleive I have at least one well in common with you from an old posting I saw of yours.
Also did you you finally get a remittenance from Antero? I had one relative who didn't get hers. Told her to email the lady that sends them out now and she got her Feburary remiittance later in the day. If you get email remittances, just check your previous ones and email that lady that sends them out now.

But then 3 other wells on that same pad have a pooling declaration and have been producing since the end of 2014. Waiting on DO's from Antero. The other wells have no pooling on my pad.

In case anyone doesn't know is the Doddridge county online Web Document Inquiry site(I know I;ve seen at least one other post that web address on here as well) that lets you look up leases , Wills and most documents recorded to the County Clerks office. A realtive of mine found it, but I've discovered that most of the WV county web sites have this. You still have to order copies of any documents you want but you can view them online.

Tyler countys is

A few others counties also have this, but not all which is annoying because I need Marion countys.
However, you can't look up Deed records on it.