Declaration of Pooling documents

Does anyone know where a DOP fits into the mix?

just discovered they (Antero)has filed this with the county. Finally have a Unit name as well...I taking this as progress :)

Hi Anna, That is good news, they are making progress.

With a Unit name you can check some places for information on the well.

Put your county for County (Duh!) and the unit name in the well name or farm name. When you get something, if it looks right, you can find out the API permit number. Also the date the various things happened.

You can use this

and select your county, then go down the list of permit numbers til you see yours. There will be documents downloadable. Might need a plug in to view correctly. These are the same things in the Weekly Reports

so if the Permit list says plat approved or something it might be on the weekly report covering that date.

Lots of places to look to try to get more info.

If you learn more, please share info (not specific to you but general). We all need to learn more.

thank you Nancy. I will share what I find out :)