Decision about Mineral Rights

I own mineral rights to 80 acres in Angelina County, TX, about 7 miles west of several current Haynesville Shale producers, including Gasosaurus Unit which produced 143,022 MCF in Jan 2024. I was contacted on Friday by a royalty group out that wanted to purchase my mineral rights for $3300 per acre. Some folks in my family want to sell as it is a “sure thing” while others, including me, would like to hold on to the rights given the current production just east of the land. Our 60 acres was leased by BP about 6 years ago for 5 years, but BP did not pick up the 2 year option.

My questions:

  1. Is this a Scam? I can find nothing negative about the group that contacted me. How do I ensure that I’m not getting scammed if we decide to sell?
  2. What are typical royalties per month on rights in Haynesville units if a gas well were to be successful on my leased land?

Why neighbors got $8000 an acre for 1/4 royalty interest in the Seminoles, a very marginal well by XTO. But there’s a chance XTO could drill new cross unit wells . I think that is the same 2 “royalty acres”. I’ve heard of serious offers of $15k an acre on undrilled acreage. Question; do you own the land? If so you would want to keep some of the minerals. While our family is a “never sale your minerals” type, you can sale only a fraction of what you own. Just be very informed a maybe contact a mineral auction site or someone to evaluate your minerals, such as Pecan which I think advertises on this site. The owner Traci Lenz has YouTube’s that are very helpful I would recommend watching. Over the years we’ve done 3 year leases in San Augustine co for $300 to $3500 for the very same acres. So you can make good money by keeping the minerals.

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Reference the Main Page and Angelina County, TX forum on this website. There are multiple posts regarding Angelina County mineral rights sales and considerations. Hopefully this will help. There are multiple private equity firms purchasing minerals in Angelina County, TX. Your family should exercise due diligence because of the possible mineral value.