Decimal interests

If your decimal interest is 0.01790000 then how much per million do i receive? How do you revoke a division order? And if it states on the deed that you receive half of all mineral prceeds and half of all mineral rights, say it in other terms and all mineral deeds. Is that different than royalty owner?

Need a bit more information to answer accurately.
The division order decimal is the amount you would receive as the net amount of every gross dollar that the operator receives minus your state production taxes and any post production charges that are in your lease. You can issue a new division order by filling out a NADOA Division Order form, but only if you can back up any changes. The operator does not have to accept it if it is wrong.
You would have to quote the deed exactly to comment on the second half of your question.

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Range 1w and 1e is my legal what does that say

Mineral proceeds probably means the royalty payments. Mineral rights are the ownership of the land below the surface and probably has the rights to lease, get royalty payments, etc. A “royalty owner” only has rights to the product produced most usually for a certain well. A mineral owner has more power than a royalty owner.

You can change a division order to change an address (must have proof that you are the owner) or change the amount of the minimum payment. Most say $100.00. I usually change it to $25.00. You cannot change the decimal amount unless you can prove that you own more or less acreage. Have to take that issue up with the Division Order Analyst at the operating company. You would have to have title documents such as a deed or probate to back your claim.

The legal that you gave does not make sense. You need a section, township and range. You just have two ranges. If you have more than one tract, then you need to deal with each one separately. Division orders are not public. Each operator issues one with the well or wells that it controls in a section. You have to contact the company.

Section 32 township 13n r1w r1e and it states Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah Colorado

Could you scan it or take a picture of it and put it in a private message? That does not make sense at all. You can’t have something in 1W and 1E at the same time. You might have something in OK with 32-13N-1E or 1W, but the other states have completely different numbering systems. 13N-1W and 13N-1E are two townships in Oklahoma County, OK, so that sort of makes sense. There is a section 32 in each one of those townships.

32-13N-1W has production from the Wild Thing 32-B1 well at least through January 2018. Are you getting a royalty from that well? SunDial Energy is the operator who bought it from GDA Investments Inc. in April 2018. The well started in 1991. It is a gas well with just a bit of oil.

There is no current production from 32-13N-1E, but there was in the past.

Does that help a bit?

Thank you for replying, this goes back , as far as to arco, koch oil, primarily natural resources oexco