Decent lease offer?

1-2N-8W and 2-2N-8W...each on a separate lease

lease offer for each section--$350. per acre, 3/16th royalty, 3 yrs, (no 2yr extension)

appreciate any input

Hi Robin, I always ask for more and usually get more. Try $500 per acre with a 2 or 3 year bonus lease extension. I keep hoping Coal County will become a hotbed of activity. I just received a bonus check for a 3 year extension from Canyon Creek.

Thanks, Robert,

Yes, things are slow in Coal County, but I was sort if thinking the same thing about asking for more...can't hurt to try.

I would try for 1/4 royalty. COST FREE. I leased to Canyon 2 years ago in 14 & 15, 1N 8E. Couldn't talk them into 1/4 but got 22% free of cost.

So what did you wind up with? I now have offers of $325/A, 3/16 for 1-2N-8E, 16-2N-8E, and 6-1N-9E. The initial offer was $250/A. This is for Green Wing.

$400. per nma, 1/5th royalty...and a lot of good advice from this site on clauses to delete/add

Do you mind if I asked who leased it from you?

I agree about the advice here. I already have a good Exhibit A, though, so I'm less concerned about that aspect.

sorry, Rudy, for my was $300. and 1/5th royalty. Green Wing.

Thanks, Robin. I'm using this information in negotiating my own lease, though without using your name. I'm getting a little pushback, so I'd like to check my facts. I believe you're saying you leased with Green Wing in Coal Co. 1-2N-8E (I'm assuming you meant east, because 8 west isn't in Coal Co.) for $300 per net mineral acre with 1/5 royalty. If that's all correct, did you work with a landman at Anevay Resources, or directly with Green Wing? The name of the landman would perhaps be helpful. If you're uncomfortable providing any of this, just let me know. And if you happen to be comfortable with my mentioning your name, please let me know that. Thanks, in any case, for the information you've provided thus far. :)

yes, 8E. Directly with Green Wing landman. I would call them 405-286-1493.

can I ask what you ended up leasing for? I have a offer in section 25 $300 per acre and 3/16 royalty 3 yrs

thanks Stephen was it with Paramont field service ?