Deceased fathers oil gas mineral intrests stolen

Last Dec. 2019 I conducted a statewide search in almost every Texas county online records search in hope to gain any information about my Deceased Father. I’ve found records in Kaufman and Henderson counties that my father had interests in oil wells ,multiple properties with mineral rights. I also discovered a record in Kaufman county clerks office ,Affidavit Of Death and Heirship. The Affidavit of heirship was filed by my now deseased uncle in 1993 and used to steal my deceased father’s intrests and mineral right as well as father died in 1992 and record shows he had intrests in well 2 and :humble oil on the jesse E Hendrix surve,y 1/6th also I have records he had made lease agreements for other other leases on different surveys one off hand I remember was Fitgzgerald sof land.Now my uncle stole the intrests with an erroneouse Affidavit claiming my father had 0 children obviously false. He had two sons. I WAS 10 YEARS Old when my uncle filed and claimed my fathers intrests.I found out through records my family has owned lands and oil and minerals under them in these counties and others since the area was settled and the beginning of the oil boom.I beleive the family passed the interests down through generations and family trusts.However I was excluded by my uncle and all of this informatio. Has been withheld and kept secret from me and my mother. MY UNCLE died in 2016 survived by 2 children and wife none of them will talk to me about what my uncle took from me through the erroneouse affidavit of heirship . When I found them last dec. 2019 on facebook messanger i was not even given the courtesy of a phone number just massaging only. A cousin fed me a bunch of lies. ABOUT MY INHERITANCE AND MY FATHER. NOT MORE than a few days I was Cut off .my father had no will or ptobate and I havent found rrvord he sold anything but I did find record of my uncle selling his interests in all of the lands in said counties pluse other counties like rusk and cherokee county to Don Poe and JD minerals.I tried to find a lawyer but no luck so far and I live in Arizona not texas If anyone on this forum can please share some legit advice and or help I am wanting to recover my fathers interests and any payments and royalties my uncle stole or that was wrongly paid to him since my father died in 1992. Up to present day.attorneys seem to not want to take my issue due to there opinion of statute limitations however I just found all this out in Dec.2019

I’ve run across a similar issue in the recent past. An individual died long ago, and subsequent to his death someone with the same name as the decedent filed a mineral deed in Texas and sold the interest. Decades later, an heir was researching the tract and discovered the “fraudulent” deed. Some attorneys expressed uneasiness about the statutes of limitations on fraud. However, there was a court case in 2016 that set precedent for forged mineral deeds that effectively removed the statue of limitations problem by stating that the rights were not and could not have been legally sold at the time per the fraudulent deed, so title remained vested in the decedent the entire time. In other words, the fraudulent deed was invalid from the start, so it never transferred title. This same principal was applied to the heir’s situation and the operator vested ownership in the heir once the findings were reviewed.

You should hire an attorney. You state there was no will, so you are entitled to at least a portion, depending on other brothers or sisters. JD Minerals has been sued from here to heaven & back, including one by me several years ago. I don’t know Texas mineral law too well, but can’t believe there is a statute of limitations on fraud. It doesn’t matter when you found out anything.

Yes there is a will and has been probated remains in a trust situation hasn’t been taken out of trust. I am in process of filing affadavits of heirship with the counties which these minerals are located. Everyone one is deceased now except myself. I wish i could afford an attorney. I did check with one and he wanted a 1500.00 retainer just to start and informed me wasnt sure how much would be needed after that. I just don’t have that kind of funds. I would love to if I could think of anyway to do it. I am trying to do as much research on my end that I can. Thanks and would appreciate any other suggestions. I could you any help that might help.

You should seek an attorney on a contingency basis. Anything that he recovers, he/she gets to keep a percentage. Unfortunately, if there is a statute of limitations issue, filing different affidavits won’t resolve it. The only way you will seek closure is to pursue a legal action.

I can not find an attorney that will take on contnigusy basis at all. I have tried numerous ones. I prefer one that is skilled with oil and gas and there are very few in this area. If there are any suggestions it would be most helpful.

Three problems face you:

  1. Overcoming the mentioned statue of limitations, then
  2. Winning the lawsuit declaring your uncle illegally converted your Father’s mineral interest to himself. 3.if you succeed in 1. and 2. above, you now have to go forward and see where the title is held ( JD Minerals may not own it today) and get it legally placed in the proper owner’s name. Lots of legal fees. I would probably try to determine what your Father owned to decide if it’s worth it. Good Luck.

I would suggest you contact the ones who are listed in the advertising tab above. If after consultation, they don’t want to take the matter on, ask them for a referral of a colleague who might pursue the action on a contingency.

I wish you the best and hope for justice. My Aunt did something very similiar. I hope to tackle that mess soon, after researching as much as I could myself. Plan on hiring an Attorney as well.

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