I would like to sell 2 acres of my mineral rights. I have been offered 10,000 per acre. I have a lease that has been pooled under new field. Mine are sec 9 16 N 7 E

Do I need a lawyer to do the sale?

7E is not in Kingfisher. 7W maybe?

Do you have active wells? If so, sometimes you can sell the royalty and keep the minerals.

Have you had a recent offer? Have you had more than one? If not, then you need to contact more than one potential buyer and get several offers. The early offers are usually smaller than the actual value. Do you have wells about to get drilled?

Yes, it is a very good idea to get a lawyer to make sure that you don't sell more than you planned.

I just checked and you have an active well if you are in 9-17N-7W. Wouldn't you rather have the royalties from the new well and not sell? You should be getting royalty money in the next few months. Friend me with the blue icon if you need more information.

Mine is sec 9 16N 7W. Is there a active well there?