Dealings with Anevay Resources

Has anyone on the forum dealt with with Anevay Resources? If you have I would like to hear about your experience, both and good and bad.

Thanks, Lex

I have found them sloppy in their work each time I have dealt with them. Might be new Landman each time or might be the typist. I have had to correct language, correct typos, give them copies of my deeds when they should have been doing the title work, etc.

I do not agree to their title work time frame. Will not sign it. It is way too long at 60 business days plus extensions-that is months. When I finally do get everything straight and correct with them, I will not send them the original signed lease. I send the original to my accountant to hold. I also give the lessee a copy of the notarized lease by email with the words COPY DO NOT FILE written across every page and especially over the signature line. (I do this with any lessee.)

I send them a letter saying that the lease is good for 15 business days (because by then we have already been working at this for weeks or months) and if no payment is received, the accountant will return the lease to me and I will tear it up. They can start again. If the payment arrives within the correct time frame and the check clears, the accountant will send the lease to them. I never send a signed lease without getting paid.

They also operate under the Greenwing name.

I looked at their website and it looks like they are a legitimate company. How does one ever know? I am new to the forum. Is there a list of reputable companies or individuals to work with? Thanks for the response on Anevay. Sounds like we should ignore their offers.

They are legitimate. You just have to be careful with any company and check their work. Sometimes, there is only one offering, so you have to deal with them or wait for forced pooling.

A good lease is a partnership between a lessee and the mineral owner. Every clause in the lease is negotiable. If you are new to this, read the posts in Stephens county. Read the Mineral Help above. I rarely sign a lease which is the first draft that is offered. That is usually all in the company favor and not the mineral owner favor. Many clauses need to be worked through. Often, a strong Exhibit A is required to override some of the lease clauses.