Dealing with Blackbrush

Has anyone else out there had any negative dealings with Blackbrush?

we're right up next to blackbrush 50 acres on the jesus hernandez survey and they've not offered us any deals other than an extension of another "3" yrs for $1350 -we've made it clear we're looking for a "new" lease for going rates- $5,000 to $10,000 /acre according to my houston atty's advise-so hold off in signing any leases with blackbrush- they're either walking away from their leases or trying to sell-why would anyone buy existing leases that are ready to expire-they would rather deal with the landowner-be patient-my lease expires in april 2012- we're on the old shell plant property and laskowsky is next to us...if we pool together for better deal, we might get lucky. elda

Hi Elda! Not only are we neighbors on the property, but we graduated together!!! Your maiden name is Cisneros, right? Good to hear from you. I talked to Mike Pawelek the other day and he's in the same boat with us. We are not doing anything until we get a release in writing for the lease that expired. Mike is doing the same. My brother, Sam and I are so fed up with Blackbrush. They have the majority of 197 acres held under production, but 72 acres is what came up for renewal. I'm with you! It's worth more than that!!!! Plus, I'm tired of putting up with their BS when it comes to repairs and maintenance. They always tell us that they don't have the funds for those repairs, but they had plenty to go move their offices to Stone Oak!!!

I like the way your attorney thinks! Ours has said the same thing! EOG did pool my aunt's property that she inherited from my grandparents into the Rainbank East well. Sam and I get our dad's royalty on that. My grandparents divided the land, but all royalties are shared by the children and their heirs.

It sure was nice to see that first check after division orders were signed.

Look at my profile and you will see my email address. I'd like to hear from you!

yes, we did graduate together!..i didn't know if it was you or not..about the property, my dad and his sister owned the corner 100 acres that the Shell plant was on and it backs into the emil laskowsky property. This property was divided 50/50 surface and undivided mineral rights in the 100 acres. My cousin sold his 50 acres out to the oil company without our knowledge a few years back- a quit deed unfortunately we share undivided mineral rights with BlackBrush. Thomas still has not heard anything positive back from them so we've all decided to let the lease run out in April. We did sibling property trading and i gave up my surface acres for 2 rental homes we owned in Karnes City back in 2003, but i still own mineral interest in our 50 acres. I own Polly Seale's grandmother's home in Karnes City. Someone else interested in pooling is emil laskowsky's son..which i think they own over a 100 tom and he have been discussing the possibility of surface leasing to somebody for storage facility/campgrounds for oil field you know of anyone else that's doing this...i live in brazoria, southeast of houston, but i plan on making a trip to karnes city before month end..maybe we can get together and do some brainstorming with interested parties..let me know, later, elda

Emil L. Laskowski and Albin Laskowski are my first cousins. Part of that land was sold a few years back when Aunt Betty went in the nursing home after Uncle Emil passed. I'm sure the boys kept the mineral rights. Aunt Betty passed two years ago and I signed ratification papers for the boys last year with EOG. Uncle Emil bought land across the road from my grandparents and a little farther down as well. I guess one of those properties is coming up for renewal, too. I guess I should give Albin a call and find out what's going on.

You have a gold mine in rental property in KC now!!! Rents on houses are going for what they get on a nice house in SA!!!

It would be great to see you if you come down! Maybe by then, Sam and I will have heard something from Blackbrush about a buyout.