Dead Beat Operators

Is there a way to report dead beat operators who do not answer phone or all mailboxes are full?

Certified mail generally works with return receipt.

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This is how they treat most interest owners.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

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Persistence. I’ve had/been having this problem since June 2020 with an assigned lease in Kleberg Co. Texas. Definitely send correspondence via Certified Return Receipt mail. Texas statutes require the operator to respond in 30 days. As I still didn’t get replies, I researched the operator and reached out to the Texas Railroad Commission to obtain the official operator contacts. Also, the Texas Comptroller’s office will have a principal’s address if registered. As the problem persisted, I sent Certified Return Receipt letters to the office address, the principal’s registered address (if different) and found the home address of the CEO with a Google search. Then I emailed a copy of the letter to every company email address I had. Hope that helps some - it is struggle with the smaller outfits who often do not have a real physical office, just an “office” for receiving mail. Many of the “departments” are outsourced (like revenue accounting) and they work remotely. Good luck!!!

well first. define “dead beat”. are they living up to their lease agreement? if not, there are the courts and the TRRC will have an address for them. if they are living up to their lease agreement, well…

apparently not because they are not paying me my royalties on the producing property.

thanks. I got the phone number from the RRC. I usually send a Certified letter but even that does not work half the time.

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