DCP Midstream not accepting title transfer docs via USMail.

Received this in an email, after I MAILED title transfer docs to DCPMidstream.

Please note: We will not be processing this request using the documents received via mail.

To access the self-service portal, please go to the following:


  • Click Interest Owners Tab on top of screen
  • Click on the Red Self-Service Portal Link in the center of the page
  • Click Register on the top right of page
  • You will prompted to enter your First name, Last name and an email. Please make sure you mark the box that you agree to the terms.
  • Once you finish registering you will get an email sent to you with a log in name and password.
  • Go back to the website and click on login please enter what was sent to you by email
  • You will now be asked to change your password to your personal password
  • Select the Division Order Transfer box and follow instructions

That is interesting. Looks like they have moved to all digital interaction.