Dazed and Confused

Hi there, I have several things I would like to know. How do I find out who the other heirs are? I live in Ga and property is in Springhill Township Greene County PA. The property is a couple of tracts totaling 94 acres. Also, someone called me about selling, they called it Abrams Acquisition. Is that what I look for in the county tax office. Please let me know what the steps are that I need to take. Attorney in GA or PA? CPA? Received sign on bonus check in Nov. 2018 and haven’t received any royalties yet. This is all new to me…Help

I was dazed & confused also, but figured out our Teas property … (1) you received a (lease) bonus in November? The well may be drilling now. (2) Somebody offered to buy you out, call them back and see how much info they will share with you, they will not tell you everything because they want your minerals cheap, but you can learn much, tell them you’re mulling their offer, (3) an oil company offered/paid you a lease bonus, contact them for more info, the same operators who lease also buy land/minerals outright fee simple, (4) in Texas anybody can go to an online map by the state regulator and immediately see any/all drilling in their section, (5) Texas county records can be searched by family name, deeds downloaded for a fee. (6) Our property was a 100 year old partnership but I subscribed to a nationwide newspaper archives service to track down the heirs, probably would have been quicker subscribing to genealogical software. (7) Texas A&M Real Estate Center has papers you can download explaining leases but you’ll want a lawyer if you own 94 acres. (8) the operator/oil company that is drilling will perform title search before sending you Division Order, call them and tell them you own the land, ask them questions.

Not clear if you accepted the bonus, if you did, perhaps too late to retain a lawyer if you already signed the lease.

Also in Greene County and get these calls all the time so your unit will probably be drilled soon.

You may try checking pa.uslandrecords.com, choose Greene County and enter your name to see if there are any orders, if there are, then you can see all the people in that unit so it may give you a place to start.

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Oh my what a good website. Thank you. Is there a website to find out if EQT is drilling. I do know that EQT and Rice are having a tug of war more or less right now? According to EQT my share of mineral rights is .6 of the 94 acres. Will this mess up my S.S. Also I would like to know if this is considered earned or unearned income? Where would I get a Non residential tax forms for PA?

EQT purchased Rice in 2017. Yes it can be considered earned income. I’d call a good accountant here in PA

Thank you. Now I need to learn all about abreviations.