Daybreak Oil and Gas and App Energy Update on Twin Bottoms Field in Lawrence County KY

Update from Daybreak on Twin Bottoms Field in Lawrence County. 8/20/14

The Company and App Energy, LLC plan to drill four consecutive wells as they continue their 20-well drilling program in Lawrence County, Kentucky. The first two wells, The Raymond Lyons H-23 and Raymond Lyons H-24, will be drilled from the same drilling pad with each vertical section of the well to be drilled before the horizontal sections of both wells are drilled. These two wells are expected to spud consecutively the week of August 18, 2014. Drilling of the horizontal section on each of the wells will commence consecutively the week of August 25, 2014. After these two wells are drilled and the horizontal sections are completed, the rig will move to drill the Cordell H-20 and Dwight Dillon H-22 wells. These four wells are being drilled north of the recently drilled Gerald Grove wells.

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Update from Daybreak 9/12/14 on Twin Bottoms Field

Daybreak Oil and Gas, Inc. Continues Oil Well Drilling Success in Kentucky SPOKANE, Washington, September 12, 2014 -- Daybreak Oil and Gas, Inc. (OTCQB:DBRM) (“Daybreak” or the “Company”), a Washington corporation, is pleased to announce the successful drilling of its tenth and eleventh horizontal oil wells at the Twin Bottoms Field in Lawrence County, Kentucky. The Raymond Lyons H-23 (“H-23”) oil well was drilled to a measured depth of 4,676 feet. Logs and other measurement data indicate that the horizontal section of the wellbore encountered 3,338 feet of oil-bearing sandstone. The Raymond Lyons H-24 (“H-24”) oil well was drilled to a measured depth of 4,933 feet. Logs and other measurement data indicate that the horizontal section of the wellbore encountered 3,547 feet of oil-bearing sandstone. The H-23 and the H -24 oil wells are scheduled to be hydraulically fractured on or about September 22nd and 29th, respectively. A central production facility will be built on the joint H-23 and H-24 location to service these and future wells. Due to the rough terrain, the facility construction cannot begin until these two wells are hydraulically fractured and completed. Initial production from the H-23 and H-24 oil wells is expected to occur near the end of October 2014. Once production is established, the Company will provide an update, however; stabilized production rates will not be provided until, at least, 45 days after first production.

The drilling rig will now be moved to the Hershel Cordell H-20 location. Following the drilling of that well, the drilling rig will be moved to the Dwight Dillon H-22 location as we continue our current development program.
James F. Westmoreland, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “In our initial evaluation of the Twin Bottoms Field we identified 40 drilling locations. Since then, we have steadily been adding to our acreage position, and based on our past drilling results, we have now identified over 60 total drilling locations. As we continue to expand our acreage position and evaluate our drilling results, we expect to add additional drilling locations that will provide a number of years of very low-risk drilling opportunities for the Company.”

Daybreak Oil and Gas, Inc. is an independent oil and gas company currently engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas in California and Kentucky. The Company is headquartered in Spokane, Washington, with an operations office in Friendswood, Texas. We own a 3-D seismic survey that encompasses 20,000 acres over 32 square miles with approximately 6,500 acres under lease in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Daybreak operates production from 20 wells in our East Slopes project area, Kern County, California. We also own an average 25% working interest in nine producing oil wells and have approximately 7,300 acres under lease in the Appalachian Basin in Lawrence County, Kentucky.
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Original press release of the Daybreak and App Energy venture from Sept 2013. Anticipating 50,000 bbl from each well with each well cost of $800,000.

Good to know so far. The original press release says this drilling is in the Berea Oil Sand. Isn't that what the Louisa area is part of? Some relatives and I have received a lease offer from Nytis for an old family farm off 23 close to Louisa, but we've also had an offer to buy, and my uncle is 80 and wants to sell. I'm thinking I want to see if I can withhold my share from the sale for drilling instead.

Sorry for the delay in my response, but I had to locate the lease proposal from Nov a year ago, and on top of that, the proposal was never entirely clear to me. Our family spokesperson in KY was told verbally that the proposal was only for a pipeline underneath our property to run from a well or wells on other property, and that if surface operations were desired, another kind of lease would have to be drawn up, but the written language includes a lot about exploring & drilling. Those words may have only been referring to pooled properties, and to preserving Nytis some future rights with our property if reserves were somehow discovered, but I don't feel like trying to read & understand the whole thing again. Long short, for non-surface operations we were offered $36 per acre for 3 years total, and 1/8th royalty for whatever was transported. Seemed low compared to typical surface operation bonus/royalties, but for just a transport pipeline, if that were actually the case, and if it did not include fracking extensions from other property, which was a part unclear to me, I thought it was pretty generous, and we were told it was a standard offer for what was intended.

As it turned out, one of the owners assumed fracking was part of the deal and didn't want the environmental or liability risk, and the majority of the owners preferred to sell anyway. We have since received a fairly generous offer to purchase for personal use, and a draft purchase agreement is already in the hands of an attorney representing my family. I discussed retaining my mineral rights with the buyer in advance, but his wife is totally against any use of the land for oil & gas, he was on the fence about the idea, and he has language in the draft retaining all the mineral rights for himself. He already owns land and lives "next door", so I'm not going to push the issue.