Dawson County

I have mineral rights in Dawson County for 8 years and have never once gotten a lease are offered a lease from there would anyone know why

Leasing depends upon the perceived value of the minerals. Just like real estate-location, location, location. Make sure that your name and address are correctly filed in the county courthouse with a description of your minerals. If you aren’t there, they cannot find you.

Well thank you so much I will check that out with the counties because we have other counties in Montana that we never hear from either, Richland must be recorded because that’s the only one we ever hear from. Do you know should I call each County and they can help me out? My dad had the mineral rights and his attorney gave him receipts of all the counties that he paid, sadly he passed away 8years ago

Call each county and find out how they want them filed. They may have a form or a template you have to use.

You may also want to check the Montana Oil and Gas Commission or Department of Natural Resources. They will have a website (which may be the first part of the one below) that shows permits, etc. This is the link to the maps.

So grateful for your information, thank you very much that’s going to help me a lot😁

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