Dawson County, Tx water price per Bbl


My family has leased its OGM rights and now they want to drill and sent a letter regarding water at $0.20 per barrel with also being compensated for expenses for said well. I’m already clear on adding a clause for water used for any others use, but price for water has got to be higher…it’s west Texas fergodssake. I’m also not keen on paying for the well etc. I don’t ask my clients to pay for my car or office supplies…it seems to me that logic states either it’s their business expense or at most split it by percentages of oil deal. Thanks in advance for any information you all might have

Best to get legal help here. I did hear that price range at a NARO conference this weekend for West Texas and it was close to $0.20/bbl. You might check and see what the UT or TAMU leases say about water rates in their recent leases.

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