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live in Austin. need to know going rate on O&G mineral leases out there. kind of hard to manage property from 300+ miles away. Any answers out there? Thanks!

I feel your pain…I live in Palestine. I have just signed a 3-year lease with another 2 year option for $400.00/acre and 1/4 royalty.

O&G Abs#91 Sec 5 BLK 35 T4N…8.3 miles SE of Lamesa .Have been contacted, but no lease offer yet. Thanks!

Kool & Neva, where is your property located?

West of Lamesa 10 miles on Hwy 180 then north 4 miles. Approximately 3 miles east of Gaines county line.

Thanks guys. our property is north of neva a little bit but have not been approached. Just was curious

Thanks, Ralpr…good to have that feed back. Tracking the drilling permits it looks like the major movement is west of us and a little north…still we can hope…Thanks again…

Ralpr, can you provide where your mineral interest lies? Thanks

Neva, would you be a little more specific on the location of the “major movement”. Use US 180 as a reference if you will.


RRC web site under maintenance tonight…will check for current activity tomorrow.

Good morning. Not sure how much space is allowed for each discussion but permits showing for 6/1-6/22 are as follows:Total permits( 17)/#from 16 mi.-5.16 mi SW Lamesa-(12) #12 mi,N Lamesa (1);# NW Ackerly(1)/#8.0 SE Lamesa(1)/# 15mi E Lamesa(1) & they cut me off. Looks pretty spottied at this point. I’ve been RRC online since 6am. I have prepared for any one interested a line by line process to get to basic info as well as the maps. Wl probably need to scan & then email since is extensive. Keep in mind this is only for June. Can go back further if anyone interested. JKeep the faith.

Those of us on and near the famous Horseshoe Atoll have the Leonard Shale Formation, & also known as the Avalon, & also known as the Bone Spring to be happy about. This would be in addition to the Wolfberry (Wolfcamp Shale Formation and Spraberry and Dean and Strawn formations.) I’d call this a stacked play for oil, NGLs, and NG.

Compare your property location to geologic maps of the permian basin, midland basin to determine what potential geologic formations may be of interest to you and your family. It’s always nice to know what one has - knowledge is power. There may be potential unconventional plays yet to be proven that would add significant value to your property. For example, the Atoka Shale Formation.

Hi Ralpr,

This is what I have and am not sure where to start. Is this what I need to look for?

Well, we can only go with the regional geology at this point. Just provide an estimate of the mileage AND direction to the closest town & I should be able to provide some more info on potential geologic formations your property may encompass. Ralpr

How do I find out what “Shale” my property falls under? And why is that important?

Had offer from Chesapeake about six weeks ago for $400/acre + 1/4 royalty for three years in Block M which is west of Lamesa near Gaines County line.

My land is in Block M…Section 97.