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Has anyone received lease offers in Dawson County, Montana. I know Petro Hunt is actively pursuing the Red River formation.

List the legal description on where your minerals are located and I can give you a better idea. I have heard that Petro Hunt has paid between $200-$300 per acre depending on the area.

The lands are all of section 15, township 18 N of range 52E of Montana Principle Meridian, E 1/2 and SW 1/4 of section 8, township 18 N of range 52 E, and NE 1/4 of section 17, township 18 N of range 52 E MPM.

Under the mineral hub site, they stated in the oil and gas leasing activity for March 2011 there was an offer for $200 per acre in T19N, R56 E with a four year term and 1/6th royalty being offered. If you go to the Bakken shale site in this forum in T21N, R56E, they were finally able to get a price of $300 per acre and a four year term after negotiating a while with Petro Hunt. Best of luck to you.

Thanks. I’ll look into it.

We own mineral rights located in Twnp 14N, Range 55E. Is anyone aware of any leasing activity near there? We own in sections 6 & 7.

Had offer from Transcontinent Oil (TCO) for property in T21N but feel it is being low-balled…anyone out there?

We have 160 mineral acres in Dawson County, Montana, Township 21 north, Range 52 East, Section 28. We have been offered a lease at $70 per net mineral acre and 16% royalty. This seems low. Does anyone know the going rate in this area?


We had two oil companies get into a bidding war over mineral rights in Sections 15, 8 and 17. Due to confidentiality clauses in the lease contract I cannot give exact amounts, but you can do much better than $70/acre. Royalties of 15% to 16% seem to be the norm.

Katy, we seem to be your neighbors as close as I can figure. We are in sec 24. Is your offer from Transcontinent Oil out of Denver? Please let me know...we have just signed wiht them. We also had discussions with Petro Hunt. Offer you have is a bit low as Mr. Pringle states.

Would like to compare notes.

Hi There-

I too have an offer sitting on my desk for $100/acre in Township 21N, Range 50 East, Sec 24 & 26. 5 year with 1/6th royalty.

Mr. Sheridan, if you are able, I would appreciate any assistance you can provide as to how much I should expect or how much I should counter offer.

Thank you for any information you can provide, it is much appreciated.

Mr. Myhre: That is exactly what we have and if it is TCO representing Slawson, they are not negotiating. We signed with a Pugh Clause and a "Shut In" well clause that we added upon advice. This seems to be going rate for Dawson at this time...most companies are busy now up in Richland and will turn their attention to Dawson in the future. Good news is that there are a few producing wells close to us in T21N now. Good luck!

Hello Mr. Sheridan, We don't actually know who the oil company is. We were contacted by a landman who says that the oil company 'doesn't want its name out there.' It is some company that is trying to buy up a lot of net mineral acres. We haven't been contacted by any other companies with offers.

Hello, this is all very new to me. Any help/advise would be appreciated. We own mineral rights in Dawson County. Township 19 North and Section 9. We have an offer of $50/acre and royalty of 15% of production. Is this reasonable?

we own only 40 acres of mineral rights and have been approched with a lease offer. would like to know if there is any activity in dawson ct, such as producing wells or drilling att the present time. any info would be appreciated.

this forum seems to be dead. is there anything going on in dawson ct?

There is a little activity going on. Petro-hunt is drilling some wells targeting the
Red river formation.

I don't see drilling as being dead any time soon in Eastern Montana. Whiting Oil and Continental are heavy players and try to find a place to park an RV or even a hotel room at times is going to be hard to find. ND raised the limits and lots of companies are now moving into MT WY and SD

was reading in other forums, and read something about 640 acre drilling units. if you own less than that you have to share your percentage with other owners in that drilling unit which would drastically cut your percentage of income. any comments on this?