Dawson County Lease question

Received an offer from a company in Midland to lease this property.

Curious about a lease offer I received. Is it fair? Is there anyway to stipulate that if I lease it to the interested person that they actually do something with it and not just sit on it.

Property description

E/200 acres section 1 block 2
D.I.Cunningham Survey
undivided 8/8 mineral interest
20% royalty.

The offer I received seemed pretty low to me and is what I would expect for a cold contact.

Any ideas what this should be leasing for?

Thanks in advance.

Y'all take care

They may just lease it and then flip it. It is an easy way to make a buck. You may not see your bonus until they have a customer for the property. What is the company's history like? Do they actually work properties, or are they in the flipping business. Google is your friend. Do some research.

Thank you Robert.

I suspect they are flipping business.