Dawson county information from a major oil company that I deal with

I have a friend that works at a major oil company in Houston.

I started asking questions and got this in return.

Dawson County sits right in the middle of the most prolific oil play going on currently in the Lower 48 states.  They're finding all kinds of hydrocarbon bearing formations that are being exploited through horizontal drilling.  
Some of these wells are monsters and the decline in production curve is not as sharp as like an Austin Chalk well. If this is the first offer, sit back and wait a while. Oil needs to be in the $60/barrel range for drilling to get going strong in the Permian Basin again. When it picks up, you should start receiving multiple offers to lease.
You shouldn't have to "prove" your interest.  They should go to the courthouse and run title 
to figure out who owns what. It's good you know what you own so if they try to lease a lesser
interest you can tell them all about it.
Doesn't sound to me like these people are truly oil people. Any landman knows how to run title to determine ownership.


I have 3 areas in Dawson county, one is leased and have 2 producing wells on it but I have 240 acres that I can not seem to get a lease on, it has been leased since 07 just about the whole time, the lease expired April 1 last year and I have not had any luck, my other 160 acres expires May 30 17,i hope you are right about the $60.

I have had 2 landmen shop this land all over Texas the last 6 months, no luck at all. if you have any more Info please e-mail me. marc.rogers33@yahoo.com I will do the same.


Unfortunately there are snakes in the oil business, just like any other, but hopefully you run into honest people more often. While we have to work on behalf of our clients and within their parameters, I always made it a point to make sure the mineral owner was treated with respect and never felt like they were being “duped.” We aren’t all bad! :slight_smile:

As far as landmen go the one that did my lease and got my wells up and running is good as gold TOP notch guy, we are friends now talk to him regular about family football and what ever, he has helped me out many times. if I ask him a question or have a problem he gets right back to me and even apologizes if he does not respond the same day. his name is John Mcwright went to Texas Tech, if for any reason he contacts you you can bet what ever he says is golden.

My family was offered: $450 per acre, 1/4th royalty and a 3 year primary term with a 2 year option to extend for $450 per acre (if exercised).