Dawson County, EL & RR Survey, Sec 77, Block M, South 100 Acres of east 1/2

Could anyone please tell me what is the going rate for bonus and royalty in this area?

Dawson County EL & RR Survey Sec 77 Block M South 100 Acres of east 1/2

I received an offer of $250/ nma and 1/5 royalty with a 3 year term and 2 year option.

Thank you very much.

Very interesting, I am one of 12 heirs of J. A. Richardson who owned the entire half section of 77 block M at one time but sold 100 acres on the south end I think in the 1950's. We still own the minerals on the remaining 220 acres and they are not leased. We had three producing oil wells on our end until 2003 when they were plugged. However the number 3 well ( J A Richardson ID 12761) produced over 2800 barrels through December of 2003 but was shut down for maintenance in Jan of 2004. Several phone calls to the operator inquiring about the status of this well for the next few years produced zero results so I then filed a complaint against the operator with TTRC. After two letters from TTRC to the operator they were ordered to plug and abandon which was done in Oct 2008. I know two people who recently got $500 and 25% on their leases just SW of us a few miles so maybe $250 is a little light There is some info I can share but not on a public forum so If you e-mail me ( johncundieff@yahoo .com) I would like to stay in touch. Thanks, John

We are up to $800 and focusing in on $1000 on Section 98. 25% with no expenses.

where is this land? I have land south east of Lamesa between Ackerly and Lamesa. block 34 section 27 block 35 section 28 and block 35 section 2. how close are you?

Willard, Mr Corder's interest and mine is in the Munger community which is on FM 829 about 10 "crow miles" NW of Lamesa. Some maps show the area as Mungerville..

Thanks John

good ways from me, is there a lot going on out there?

My brother, sister and I leased land in May for $500 nma, 25% for 3 y, 2 y option. Lease was reviewed by a lawyer so we hope we have no expenses! Our land is located in the north half of sec 25, blk 36, T5N. We are almost due south of Lamesa. I am also very curious where the land that is being offered $800-$1000 is located. Landman told us last week that they are still on track to drill a test well this fall into an "unnamed" formation at 11,000 ft. At one point we were told that the intentions are to develop the field over the course of 3 y with app. 30 wells. She implied that these would be horizontal wells.


Who is the operator? not sure if you have been doing this for a while, if not my advise stay very patient, I have been leasing in this same area since 07, we are our 4th lease on one area, block 35 section 2, T5N which is south of Lamesa, and do not have any wells yet. not trying to be a downer just giving you the outlook, we think it will produce some wells but not sure when we just leased this area in May also. please keep us up to date with what is going on with yours I will do the same


I looked up your area, you are 2 sections west from ours about 2 miles, so we are very close neighbors, PLEASE let me know if anything changes, here is my e-mail and marc.rogers33@yahoo.com, or my cell 850-902-6810 call me anytime in the morning. we all have to stick together, I live in Florida but we are on the same time.

I am in contact in a person on here that is right between me and you and see said RSP Permian is working on a big play right in this area, she told me there is a big announcement next month. lets hope

Up to 3 or 4 years ago there was a pretty good land play right at the area of the old Munger school with leases going for $400 and 20%. I live in Jacksonville Tx but both myself and my wife have had family in Lamesa for a long time and we are out there once or twice a year and I always catch up with the gossip at McDonalds and got to know some of the regulars. A lot of those leases were not renewed for the 2 year option and it has been
quiet ever since. I also have a little mineral interest about a mile or two NE of town just off the Lubbock HWY and we got a lease on it in 2007 but the 2 year option was not renewed as well. There has been some good activity 3 or 4 miles NE of us in the Powe Sprayberry field between us and O'Donnell but the 2 or 3 wells drilled closer to us have been dry so far.
Willard rogers said:

Thanks John

good ways from me, is there a lot going on out there?

Got another call from same company now offering $400 per nma and 22.5% royalty in the survey mentioned in the heading of this thread. Any other owners in that survey/block,etc. on the forum?


There were 12 royalty owners, my siblings and first cousins after all of J.A. Richardson's children passed away. We are descendants of Hancocks, Middletons, and Cundieff s. Four of these are now deceased and their offspring are now mineral owners. Our interest is in the east 1/2 sec.77, block M, EL&RR survey and in a 220 acre tract.