Dawson cgs trinity

any production on cgs trinity a ? b ? completion ?

I find no production data, completion reports or lease numbers at this time on Trinity A or B wells.

Those wells spud in Mar '22. One would imagine that it’s going to be a while until they produce. I usually figure 250 days is about average from Spud-TIL/sales. EOG/CGS two well pad might be faster. Not completed yet as far as public info goes.

Thanks, some report 15,000 ft. drain lines. We are 8,000 ft. away straight North with 8,000 ft. surface. ? any way to find out the direction of the drain lines ?

I’m not clear on what you are asking/saying here. Is a “drain line” the horizontal leg of the well?

Those two wells are both around 15,000’ long (horizontally). They head north from surface location. The map below is the actual (i.e. drilled) trajectory of the wells.

THANKS, Clint and NMoilboy. Your response is very much appreciated.

Someone on the Dawson county forum posted some very helpful guidance awhile back.

Step 1: Find the permit numbers on the RRC website:


Distirct: 8A Operator: CGS

Step 2: Use those permit numbers to lookup the oil sales on the next link below:

Texas comptroller:


If it says “session expired” just go to the home page and click “Lease Drop - Crude Oil” on the left hand side.

You can then lookup oil sales even if they havent been officially reported by the operator yet which we all know by now that EOG has been purposely slow to do. We have some minerals in this area so i have been keeping tabs on the new wells CGS (EOG) has been drilling. Even super secret EOG cant hide from the comptroller since they are required to report monthly produciton from new wells once they begin selling oil! They have been typically updating the data at the end of each month.

Here’s what i found for the Trinity Wells. Looks like they were just brought online in June.

TRINITY A - M 1H 875978 - June bbls - 14,721

TRINITY B- M 2H 876163 - June bbls - 9,654

Hope this helps. Someone was nice enough to pass this info along so Im paying it forward! We could all use a little bit of that these days.

God Bless

Karen, it takes some effort—for me—to just pose a question. Your response and answer went above and beyond and is Very much appreciated.

Why are my posts not being approved? Is EOG Resources trying to exit a position in Dawson and Gaines counties?

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AJ I have the same problem…what’s the use trying to help others if you post and it’s not being posted to forum…I’m wasting my time and energy better spent elsewhere. Clint

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Thanks for sharing that, Clint. It is a very strange deal and is as you indicate discouraging.

yup. ditto here. …

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And your posts are super-packed with good info!

It looks like they are exiting at least the Gaines/Dawson county line area. EOG has a listing for 58K acres and some wells in this area on EnergyNet. CGS/EOG is also letting leases expire and not renewing them

I checked with my son who is in the oil and gas business and he was able to confirm that EOG looks like theyre selling the western Dawson and Gaines acreage. He sent me this map found on an auction website called energy net. Good news is that it looks like they are keeping everything east of the bluebonnet well so hopefully that means they will continue to drill in this area.

Who knows, maybe whoever buys it will drill faster. I imagine EOG being as big as they are, have plenty of other areas to focus on. My son said theyre really big in New Mexico and thats the best area in the Permian.

On the PLSX listings map, I found an active sale offering which in part reads, " MIDLAND BASIN OPPORTUNITY …58,593.918-Net Leasehold Acres [93+ sections!]… 70% WI in Brennand 18 1H Pilot Well Deal ID: 13811

When I looked up Brennand 18 in Gaines county, it shows J. Cleo Thompson as filing the permit and having completed the well in 2017. EOG Resources seems to be the current operator listed for that well. Is EOG Resources trying to exit a position in Dawson and Gaines?

Thanks for locating the production information on the EOG Trinity wells. I am trying to find production info on the nearby Foxrun Unit well. This well has had four production tanks and a flare on the location for well over a year. However, I can find no production information anywhere.

Public info claims it (foxrun) isn’t drilled yet. But, yeah, looks like tanks and flare and a pad. And nothing else that would obviously be…so shrug. Appears a bit shady.


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