Davis Unit Karnes County Burlington/Conoco Phillips

Has anyone had a Issue with the Burlington Davis Unit In Karnes County. Am mineral owner and have conflicting information on status of unit. Have documentation from state on production of gas well and Division order with my percentage of ownership. And am paying taxes to county since 2012. Conoco says the well was dissolved on July 1, 2011. Been trying to understand why county is getting production records and Conoco/Burlington tells me there is no Davis unit that I have a interest in. Current division order shows I have interest. Does anyone have part of Davis unit with Burlington/Conoco and has a similar problem ? The Davis unit would be on FM 792 Apx five miles north of Kenedy at what use to be called 5 Points West side of FM 792 Just south of County Rd 356. Thank for any input.


It's still producing, shoot me an email with your phone number and I'll help you get this sorted out. james@oginfo.com I'm glad to help.


Echoing Roger's comments, well still producing. I have attached the Permit plat for the unit - assume your interests are within these boundaries

939-DavisPlat.pdf (809 KB)

Could you resend Davis Plat.pdf. It comes thru as what look like 4 blank pages. Or if you could send me link on were you obtained this information.

Appreciate the info

Thank You


I have re-attached the PDF - also looked at the other one I sent you and it is showing up fine on this link. Could be your version of ADOBE reader.

I got this from DrillinngInfo.com (subscription service) but same data can be found on Tx RRC site if you search completions section for this well's API number

938-DavisPlat.pdf (809 KB)