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We have 940 acres

Hello All, I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone has been approached by any other company other than Shale Exploration for a lease or royalties in Daniels County? Please let me know who and where? Thanks, Steve.

From my research, Continental is the only other company with plans to lease in Daniels County and thats at least 2 years down the road.

Has anyone received any money from Shale Exploration yet?

I’m thinking no…


Jack: Thanks for the info. Have you contacted the Continental Resources company about a lease/royalty agreement? I visited their website and it looks like they might be a player coming into the county. Let us know ASAP? If not, we will reach out to them direct.

I have inherited a small percentage of the mineral rights for 320 acres in Daniels county Montana. Is there any activity there? My mom said oil was found on the land when she was a kid. The well was capped.

I have recently been contacted by a company called Bedrock Oil and Gas. Does anyone have any info on them? Our mineral rights are located near Scobey.

We finalized our lease with Shale Exploration yesterday and are excited about our new partner in Daniels County, MT. If any of you are interested in working with a class act organization, contact this company and get things in motion before it’s too late. Happy drilling!!!

Hello All, I am also new to this forum, my grandfather owned 1340 acres between Scobey and Canada, we now have the mineral rights. He had 2 active oil wells when he was alive and they were capped because of transportation issues. We are just waiting for the 1st well to start pumping before we get serious about signing a lease. In the meantime if anyone hears about serious activity please give us a shout out.

Has anyone used the online commercial ‘Daniels Cty’ data bases for paperwork research? When I ‘goggled’ to find if the county provide online records several commercial sites came up? So I am wondering if anyone has tried using the site(s) to download records? Are they worth using? Thx

Looking for a local attorney to help with our leasing situation. Daniels County mineral rights to be specific and received the name of Jordon Fosland in Scobey. Any comments? Any other attorneys out there you could recommend? Want to solidify our family holdings under an LLC or trust perhaps.

In response to Mr. Shivley on a possible attorney , I might suggest an attorney in Plentywood Mont. by the name of Austin Knudsen, he is quite up to date on oil and gas legalities…

Mr. Shivley,yes Austin is a state Rep. and is very pro energy developement ,I am sorry that I forgot that he works for the law firm of O Toole and O Toole , I know up in this neck of the woods he is highly regarded…

Check out my comments listed under the thread that I started. It might be of great assistance.

FYI … Goggled Austin Knudsen and found on his Facebook that he is running for state office.

Thanks Egl!

Has anyone heard of companies called Montana Lease Holdings LLC or Open Range Ventures LLC?

What do you know about them?

I can’t find a website

I was contacted by another company Bakken Oil LLC. I wasn’t really impressed that these guys have the backing to do something like this.

Since I got this lease in the mail from Shale Exploration, I’ve been studying up on this minerals rights information (thanks to several of you all pointing me in the right direction). Also, a lawyer friend told me the biggest issue is whether or not the company has the backing to drill or if they are going to “flip” the lease. If they flip the lease, the chances are it will not be drilled and no royalty money. I’ve looked up Shale Exploration and found some information on them. They’re buying Ipads and so I looked up who they are. Does anyone know if these other companies have this type of backing? These guys at Shale seem to be the real deal and I think I might just sign with them. Does anyone know otherwise? Look at this link: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/business…

Ted , everyone has to make up their own mind on what lease they like… terms , royalties , clauses in the lease agreement itself… I DO NOT want to rain on any parade or anything of the sort, my experience with Shale is not good… I did not lease with them … and never will… I am not meaning in any way to bad mouth them but they didnt meet our reqirements , standards , etc. they just dont meet our needs and wants for us to lease to them… remember in the Daniels Co. neck of the woods oil exploration is some time out … with lack of drilling rigs, labor and just 100 miles east drilling is at a fevored pitch, it is going to be some time before we see the derricks dotting the lankscape… there are other companies starting to move into the area and offering some pretty interesting leases… almost like a used car salesman they will seem like the real deal… and for some they are… yes ipads are nice but why not put that to some better paying leases…?? I by no means am trying to influence you one way or the other , just giving my opinion… And yes there are other companies with excellent backing , in fact one company will get you a check in about 10 days , not 90 business days… and the lease says a term of 5 years and a 5year option… there is no other company that is tying up mineral acres that long… so it is up to the individual on what they want… it is getting interesting … good luck Ted