Dale of minerals

I have 186.66 net acres in lea county most in t 24 .r 36 e . sec 4 ,5 , 8 , 9 ,17 , i have been offered $475 per , is this a good price for this part of lea co ?

Donald - sounds low to me. That's not the best area of Lea but still has potential. More than $475 per acre worth, anyway, in my opinion.

Marcus Would you please respond to me @


Are your minerals east of Jal on the NM-TX state line? Here is a map of Lea county with section lines and numbers: http://d2w7gersd1ix5b.cloudfront.net/files.ashx?t=fg&f=Unoffici...

they are 13 mile n of jal and a couple of miles w , 2 miles n of cooper cemetery.

are you selling or leasing?


$475 is low. I'm very familiar with the area and what the going rates are for this area. I friend requested you to discuss further. I'm happy to assist with any questions, and get you up to speed on whats going on in this area. Thank you.

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Ryan Williams


Mr Williams

Thanks for your response . Yes I do need to be brought up to date , and what does the future have in this area , is it only related to gas , We do want to sell , if you would e-mail me at drw 85737@yahoo.com