Custer county wells

I have 3 letters from the same attorney that says Toklan wants to put 2 wells on section 1 and 12 township 14 north range 16 west. They want to vacate the 640 spacing and turn it into a 1280 spacing. They are going to the corporation commission April 8. I have several questions and figured you could answer them.

  1. If they drill, would they plug the Hoffman 1? It has been producing since 1980.

  2. They sent out a letter a few years ago wanting to vacate the spacing but then sent another one later saying never mind. Why would they do that?

  3. If they do the 2 wells, I would imagine it would drain that formation pretty quick. How fast would it do that?

  4. I know several factors are involved. What is the average time from getting the ok from the corporation commission to drilling?

  5. Why the sudden interest in this since there are wells all around this?

  6. Do the admins on here go to these meeting or listen via teleconference? I can’t tune in but curious if you do. Maybe you can explain to me in 3rd grader to understand what they decided.

  7. Is the Meramec mainly oil or gas?

I hope I did not overwhelm you. I just find this fascinating and wonder how oil companies do their thing

#1) No, unless it is no longer economical. #2) Only they know. Could be several reasons. #3) 2 straws in a coke deplete the coke faster. How long depends on many factors, how large is the coke, etc. #4) Mostly depends on the operator’s time frame. #5) See #2. #6) No, unless they have a personal interest. You should get any Orders issued by the Corporation Commission and can read them to understand what was the outcome. #7) The Meramec contains, oil, gas & water. It is all dependent on the stratigraphic orientation in the specific area. You can count on all 3.

Hope this helps.

#1-Will probably let Hoffman say online as long as it is economical. They will probably shut it in -hopefully briefly- while they frac the new wells to protect it.
#3-“Pretty quick” is relative. These are new horizontal wells with a drainage of maybe 350 away from the well bore. They line them up like cigars so that the drainage patterns just interfinger and drain efficiently. In most horizontals nearby, about 50% of the production occurs in the first two-three years, but the wells can last for decades at low rates as the molecules of gas have to travel from farther distances to get to the well bore. That still leaves quite a bit of reserves in the ground, so technology will probably catch up and they will figure out new ways to get more out of the ground.

#4-As a general guide-Toklan has two new horizontal wells just to the east for the same zone. Permit was 11/10/22 for Jupiter 31-30 MRMC XH 1. Spud 12-31-22, competed 9/28/23, so about a year. Mostly gas with some oil. Crawley had the Holder-Pyeatt 1-2-11MHX. Permit 10/25/22, Spud 11/21/22, Completion 10/7/23, so about a year. Mostly a gas well with some oil. There are others nearby at about the same timing. “Your results may differ”.

#5- They are drilling a different and shallower zone than the Hoffman and are going for horizontal wells which will drain the Meramec much more efficiently. I would not be surprised if they came back later and added more horizontal wells lined up across the section if the first two perform like they expect.

#7-what Todd said. Around here, mostly gas with some oil.

Anyone out there know if there are any updates on Spud plans in Custer County? T14N-20W- S5&6

Mewbourne Oil has an active permit for Sage Dragon 32/5 AP 1H. The surface location is in sec 29 15N-20W and goes south into 32 and 5. The API number s 3503922627. The well was spud 9/26/23 and was completed 12/1/23. You will probably see a Division Order in April/May or so. IF your name and address are properly filed in the county courthouse in Custer County.

No new well in 6-14N-20W yet.

Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate your expertise.

Hello. Is there any production data yet on the Sage Dragon 32-5 well ? I own minerals in 20-15-20 and I guess mewbourne has plans for a well Cow Hills 29-20 with the well location in 29 also any info would be great thanks

Sage Dragon is listed as active on 12/18/23 on the Ok Tax site.