Custer County OK Section13 12n 15w - Continental leasing

We have some mineral acres in section 13 - 12n - 15w in Custer County, OK. I plan to sell them and have been trying to do at least some of my own research. It appears that Continental signed leases for most, if not all, of the section starting in late 2016 and continuing until last month, they signed 15 total leases including ours. They even purchased some leases from Ward Petroleum in May. I’ve been researching the activity on the adjacent sections and most of them had drilling in the 80s and there were some well reports with very big numbers and some dry holes with well logs that show shale from 2000-13000ft. The latest drilling in any adjoining sections was in 2002 and that was just one group of three wells. I searched the okcountyrecords for Custer County and sorted for Continental and township 12. I got 34 pages with about 14 leases per page. 31 of those pages are from 2016 to now. They seem to be all of this area. Anyone know what sort of plan and timeline they have? Seems like something is in the works.

Looks like they have something planned! They do not usually waste time with vertical wells, so I am guessing horizontals are planned.