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I pay that fee and register and this year I got an 8,000.00 check for suspended funds which I assume they got the updated address from the registry. The way these companies mess up, it seems to me a good idea to register current information. Wish Texas had one of these. Even if you own only non producing minerals, you never know when landmen will need to find you.

Thanks, Laura. Good advice. Our situation is that 8 siblings inherited this property from our mother who inherited it from her father, so it appears each one of us has to register with the company and not just a representative for the property. At this point, I suspect the registry company will make more from our registration fees than we will make from options on the mineral rights!

Is this Oklahoma Mineral Registery a legit organization?

You can file you name and address at the court house for the tract you are under if it is not right. That is where the Oil Co. looks first .

Has anyone sold any minerals in Custer recently, or had offers to purchase? Trying to value what people are paying right now.


Where in Custer Co. ?


If you were talking 14n-16w I could not find much in the way of sales to oil co Have you had and offer or are you just thinking about a sale. There is a lot of leasing. Have you leased ?

Where can you find sales?***

You have to pay to view the document but you can see who is buying and selling.

any clue what the range for entire county is for sales? My wife is thinking of selling.

Have you had any offers ? How much are you trying to sale ? Is it leased ? Where is the closest production that you know of.

Could not find much in the way of production but with the leasing that is going on it might pay to wait a little and see what happens if you can . Unless you have an offer you have to deal with .

Ron, selling 360 acres.

Been production in one our sections since 1982, but it produces very little at this point. We own 60 in one section, 300 in another.

What sections and is it all leased or held by production ? Are you thinking about selling it all ?

I found a new well in 29-15n-16w completed 5/2012 that has been doing about 175 BOD . For leases they offered $1200 for 3/16th or 450 for 1/4th. That could have something to do with the leasing in 14n-16w.

They have ask and got the ok to drill a second well in 29-15n-16w .

My sister and I each received a division order in the mail from Xanadu Exploration Company in regards to a Smith #2-1, Section 1-T13N-R19W. I tried to look up the history of the well of the OCC website like I've been taught by so many of you users and the only thing I see is that it is active. How can I find out the details of this well? When it was started, is there any production yet, etc? The division order effective date just reads "date of first production" Does that mean it hasn't produced yet? Thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me.