Custer County Mineral Rights

I am trying to find out if there has been much activity around my mineral rights. They are in Custer County SE/4 of Section 1-15n-17W

Thank you for any info you can provide!

The closest activity to you was in Section 2 in 2018. Citizen Energy had a pooling and a planned horizontal well. They did not drill the well.

Thank you for this information.

Next time you post, try to be very specific in your question and only post in the state and county where you have acres. Put the question in the topic line and add your section, township and range and it will make it easier for folks who watch that area to help you. See how I re-phrased your question above. That way it makes it easy for folks to search on 1-15N-17W or 15N-17W, etc.

Posting the same question in multiple areas is usually not as useful.