Custer County Activity

Is there any activity in NE4 of section 35-Township 13N- Range 18W? I think Chesapeake was the last company with any activity in this area. I have 40 acres of mineral rights here, and I’m wondering if I should hang onto them or sell them.

There is no current leasing activity in that section in the last 999 days. Skycap Energy did take a lease in late 2020 in section 18 nearby.

Up to you whether to hang on or sell. Most buying is in areas of high or potentially high activity. I do not see any deeds filed in Custer 13N-18W since 2018. Doesn’t look like much interest in buying at the moment.

Thank you for checking. Looks like all I can do right now is hope that someone takes an interest in that area. I probably should have sold my rights when Chesapeake was there, but I hesitated. Now it’s a different scenario. Thanks again.

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