Cushing Extension of Keystone and Logan County

My actual minerals location is Logan County, but as I see it, everything that happens in Payne County, Cushing, OK affects all of the rest of us. This is the last I have seen that raises my eyebrows...

Most recently in the limelight: Obama’s late-March (2012) approval of the TransCanada Cushing Extension, which extends from Cushing, OK — the self-proclaimed “pipeline crossroads of the world” — to Port Arthur, TX, where oil would be placed on the global export market.

This was important enough to bring a visit to Cushing by President Obama, last spring, I just wonder how, or if, it is progressing? Would the full length, all the way to Canada, pose any handicap to our own local transportation to the Gulf, or would it be a case of "the more the merrier?"

The news tonight is that all US states opposition to the Keystone northern portion between Cushing OK and Canadian oilfields have been resolved, and the reccomendation is that the pipeline construction commense ASAP, while Obama has thrown the ball directly into the State Department, who replied today that the decision will be announced in late March. Ho hum, not even the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is oppossing it now, and so it seems pretty obvious to me, after Hillary Clinton's testomony about Benghazi today in which absolutely nothing was resolved, that she is just avoiding this decision in favor of forcing the decision on John Kerry to announce it to certain elements still opposing it, which are few..

Sources say today that construction of the southern extension from CUSHING OPIK to the Gulf Coast has already begun, and so far over 8,000 workers are on it, and that it will be completed later this year, (2013)