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I have MRs for 154-100-8 and I am seeing significant changes in the last 6 months. I can also see using the site what are the possible reasons (i.e. 154-100-5 horizontal) and/or explanations. I am new to the site (and to actively monitoring our MRs) so comprehending all of the cryptic data/reports provided is like a fire hose of information. Anyone able to initially help decipher for me will be greatly appreciated and maybe help level out my learning curve.

Also, provide some insights on what to be cognizant of and possible sources on how to work out irregularities or proactively avoiding them. Maybe insights on long term possibilities for this is a significant change for me.

I have not lived in Williston area for many years (Since 1982) and don’t have direct contacts that can assist me at this time.

Good morning. You are correct that there has been an increase in activity in that unit. Specifically, there are eight new wells (the Sjols) that you should be receiving new royalties from. Are you receiving royalty income from Equinor for those new wells?

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Hello… my name is todd lewison and my sister and I have mineral rights in t158 r 98 sections 17 18 19 and 20 with a producing well gladys 1-20h on section 20 how do I find out what activity kraken operating has planned or is demonstrating there ? I’m a resident of California and kraken operating is keeping the information close to their chests…

Hi Todd. Hope you are having a good Tuesday bc I may have some news that will make it even better! You are correct that the acreage you own in 17/20 is held by that Gladys well operated by Kraken. However, the 18/19 unit is not operated by Kraken, but is operated by Crescent Point and they have drilled four new wells recently, but haven’t completed those wells yet.

Operators will rarely disclose their operating activity to mineral owners so that shouldn’t be a surprise. There are good resources on the NDIC homepage however.

If you go to the NDIC web site and look on the left hand side you will see a link to general statics. Click on that, and the next page click on Mays production report. Hit control F and you will be able to search the document, type in, 8 154 100 you will see all the wells in that spacing unit. It may have a glitch and say no matches found but hit search and it will bring you there anyway. I did this and found several old wells and 5 new wells on the confidential list. All the new wells on the confidential list were in the Bakken formation as far as I can tell because I was told that if it has just an H behind the well name it is a Bakken not a three forks well. Two of the new wells, the 1h and 2h wells produced around 54,000 barrels of oil and 39,000 units of gas in may. The 6h the 7h and the 8h wells had 0 produced in may. I would guess that they were fracked after the 1&2 h wells and you will probably see production on them when the June report is released around the middle of August. Congratulations they are nice wells with high production. I think you will be very happy when you see June and Julys production. Since the wells are on the confidential list you may not see payments on them for up to 150 days from first sale of production. Because they are on the confidential list you wont get much more information other than oil and gas sold for each month. You could call the operator of the unit and they sometimes will give you more information. I do this from time to time when I have new wells coming on line. Some of the companies are very helpful and try and answer all your question, Others do not give out any information except for what you could find on the NDIC web site yourself.


I’m a union pipefitter just taking some time off work and I am really confused with all this… I don’t have access to a computer and wouldn’t know what to do with one if I had… would you suggest that I just wait till crescent point contacts me or do something different ?

Yes. Crescent Point will reach out to you when the wells are completed and put into pay status (which can be as much as six months after they are completed). The important thing is that there are new wells.

Thank you for the valuable information but we don’t have the mineral rights to the whole sections of 17 to 20 we only have the inside corners and 66 acres at that… we signed a lease with emerald oil who sold it to continental resources with Samson oil and gas somehow having 23 percent then kraken operating owns it now… I haven’t heard anything about crescent point yet but like i said i may be wrong this is confusing to me and I’m not holding my breathe but thank you

Simple answer is yes, but I am trying to gather as much knowledge as can. You are reinforcing my understandings from the NDIC info. My learning curve needs to level out so I can talk somewhat intelligently. Thx

What’s the longevity of production for these wells?

It does not matter that you don’t own the whole acres. The acreage from your minerals has been pooled into a large unit with other mineral owners, so you will get paid on your portion of that unit and on every well that is drilled in the unit as long as their is production under the terms of the lease.

Regarding longevity… The first check you receive will be for several months of production, so don’t think they will all be like that. Talk to an accountant about tax planning. The first two-three years of a horizontal well will be the most productive. The well begins a natural decline almost immediately and it will be steep. Then after a few years, the decline will lesson and you will have a long tail of lower production for possibly decades. We call it a “hockey stick” shape. If you envision the stick laying on its side with the blade up, that is the first few years, Then the stick is the decades long lower production.

Hi! My siblings and I have mineral rights in section 8 in Dunn County…I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there’s anything going on there or how I can find out if there is as we don’t live in the area. Thank you!

There are many section 8’s in Dunn county. You would have to list the entire section, township and range in order to get help.

It would be section 8 township 145 North range 91 west Dunn County

Nothing new in that area since 2009. Closest was in section 16 & 17

The North Dakota oil & gas website is:

Thank you for your help!