Current satellite images of well operations on your land


What’s the best service for buying current satellite images to keep track of well activity on your land in Reeves County (and southeast New Mexico)? Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. are not very quick at updating their images for this area of the world. I priced one place and they wanted $800 for one image from their “file.” I couldn’t even confirm beforehand the date it was taken or how detailed the image would be for my exact area.


Kathy…It’s outrageously expensive to get up to date satellite images of ANY area. You’d be money ahead to pay a local to go out and take street level pictures of your property, put them in a digital file and send them via email to you. $100 for 30 pictures whenever you want…sounds like a deal to me.
I don’t know any locals doing that right now, but I’ll suggest it to some likely entrepreneurs here in Reeves county and you can make your own deals…howzzat?

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen