Current rate in Wetzel County for selling mineral rights

I got an offer for my 2 little pieces (1.7 netacres) tonight of $3,500 with a check next week. Would any one out there take that deal?


That equates to ~$2,060.00~ / acre, which is ridiculously low for Wetzel County.

No Way Jose would I take that deal!!!

@#$%, I would give you $3,500.00 / NMA

We were offered $10,500 per NMA by a reputable company. Told by lawyer was just about top offer for this area.


Without doubt, that is the highest offer I have heard of in the past 10 years, congratulations.

The company that gave offer has purchased many rights in the area in the past years. I have seen a few of the deeds filed and they have paid $10,000 per acre on some of them. One was a 144 acre farm, they paid $1.42 Million for the rights. Just a year ago or so.

What area are you in? Highest I’ve got is 5,000 and 20 percent of the gross. I’m in church and proctor districts. That’s a really good deal.

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Dear Little Brother thinking about selling Mineral Rights?

All my inheritance comes from Granddad who bought and sold land all his life separated the minerals and resold the land. His mantra to his kids was you can sell the land, but you can NEVER, NEVER sell the minerals.

My cousin has your mindset and so I have had his minerals appraised and offered him $160,000 for his $8000 a month income. That is 20 years of income from his land, before I take over. but they will be drilling on the same land then, and drilling newer ways then now. I would only buy it if he can’t understand that it’s better to keep and pass on to his kids. They are not making anymore land especially in the Permian Basin. So even those 2 precious acres in WV are worth keeping and passing on to your kids and them to their kids. God Bless and continued Success to all. Chris

I have 150 acres in Central District, Wetzel County and EQT owns the land now. He bought it from our relative. I have part ownership in the mineral rights for the acreage. I signed a lease a year and half ago and no production on it yet that I know of. Partial 1-8-7 I have heard it can take up to signing another lease before they start production. 5 years or more. I am not sure how well this area is doing in production anyway. Linda OH

Its all about location when it comes to Wetzel. Some areas (such as Church) are not so attractive to the buyers I know. Others are hotter than a fox.

any idea acre price for the Green District in Wetzel County?

I have gas & oil rights in Watzel County Center district in rocky run area. I live out of state and have no Idea if a lease offer I received is fair. Is there anyone I can hire to help value thus?

How many acres is the land?