Current prices for selling MR in Cove District

We have been approached on selling a small amount of mineral interest in Doddridge County in the Cove District. Does anyone know the approximate amount being offered per net acre in that area?

There are many factors involved in setting a price, Cove District is not one of the ‘hottest’ areas of Doddridge, but you should be able to receive 2,700.00 - 3,000.00 / Net Mineral Acre.

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Do you know which part of Cove? I think the part near Ritchie county (western) is probably more valuable than the eastern part. Could be wrong. WV Mineral Owner always has good information.

It’s in Map 5, Parcels 2,3, part 4 and 14. I don’t have a map in front of me so I don’t know which side it’s on.


I sent you a private message through this site.

Here is a link to Doddridge Assessor’s office site with maps. Doddridge tax map site Your parcel is in the north central part. If you click the “Oil and Gas Layer” button on the right you will see circles representing wells. This is not complete and does not show the horizontal laterals.

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Did I see you post somewhere that Antero wasn’t renewing your lease? We have a lease that is supposed to renew in May 2019. We are thinking of selling our MR because we ready to retire and need some money to do it. May be dead before Antero drills. Our rights are in Cove district, one farm past a drilled horizontal well. How do leases affect selling price of MR?


Without being unitized or at least leased for a unit, the valuation drops significantly. I do not foresee a push of production in Cove District for a while.