Current price minerals Loving County TX

Wanting to know current price per net acre for mineral rights Madera 26-76A Loving County, TX. Had a recent offer. Just curious. Thank You Linda

Please clarify if your question is for leasing or for sales.


You show up in tax records on that lease (at least in prior years) so we will assume you are leased, and that is how someone found you.

Block 76 Sec 26, going rate should be about $25k per net mineral acre. So if you have an acre leased at 1/4 royalty, should be about $50k per mineral acre.

That’s subjective educated guess, but includes info about other deals in Block 76 that I have seen. Simply put, that is what I would pay you. If I actually had any money and was buying minerals. The current market sentiment is not very positive on oil in general, to say the least, it seems possible that mineral prices have peaked for a while (or are dropping).

My $0.02

I have no way of knowing if it is true, but this quote in a recent article was an attention grabber, “Sellers may be coming to terms with a market more accepting of $10,000 per acre as opposed to the $30,000 to $50,000 per acre seen at the peak of ‘Permania’ in 2016-2017, he said.”

It’s true from what I’ve seen. Prices have peaked given less-than-expected well output performance. Investors aren’t throwing money at oil and gas deals like they were a couple years ago, and now things are trying to equalize again.

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