Current price Logan county per acre/plot?

Current price acre plot Logan live in Washington state Kim

You would have to give a section, township and range and State (Logan county in several states) and clarify if you are talking about a sales offer or a lease offer.

Hi I’m Kim Ford and just getting updated dated information about Logan County Oklahoma Section 15 Township 16N3W, Sundance Oil has an expired lease on my land. Thank you

I believe it expired around 2014

I clarified your title and moved the request to Logan County, OK. I am going to assume you are asking about a lease.
Not much activity in the area. The last pooling was in 2016 in Section 1 and the options were $300 1/8th, $200 3/16, $150 1/5, $0 1/4.

You need to follow up on this one. You had a producing horizontal well which was drilled in 2014. Davis Partners 16-3-15 1HW. Was producing from 2014-2015. You should have gotten paid during that time frame. Sundance drilled the well and sold it to White Star Petroleum in 2017. Contact White Star and get a release of lease or ask what their plans are as a “prudent operator”. That is an important term.


I did not see your December 2018 reply regrettably…I’ve been out of state for 5 months, I live in Washington state; however have been receiving the bankruptcy notices from White Star. I never received any kind of royalty check from Davis Partners…wasn’t even contacted by either companies that our lease was sold. My property is in Logan County, Sect. 15/Township 16N/Range 3 West. The original lease was signed in Nov. 2012 with Sundance. I also never received any checks from White Star until this last month in the amount of $7.34. I’m totally shocked by all of this new news. According to the latest paperwork I have a deadline of Aug. 23, 2019 by 4:00 pm central time. On the claim survey you fill out, it also has a dollar amount of what my claim is. I have NO IDEA…do I need to get an attorney…the closest one is 4 hours away in Seattle. I desparately need you help and advisement. Not much time to get this information in.

Kim Jay

I do not usually file the claims. I just got the latest packet. I will be going through it a bit more thoroughly. Probably not worth an attorney at this point. The wells are not that great.

Will please contact me after you review the claim. So don’t worry about filing the claim or getting an attorney? I wonder why I have received no monthly checks from either Davis or White Star. Is there someone I need to contact to find out that info? As I stated earlier, the only checks I ever received were from Sundance for apprx. two years. One check a month ago from White Star. Any answers you can help me with will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

Kim Ford

Is this for the Davis Partners 16-3-15? Sundance Energy Oklahoma LLC (doing business as SEO LLC) drilled the well in 2014. First production was 9/1/14. Production was from the Woodford. They should have paid you back in 2015. They came back again in 2016 and did a “recompletion”, but the documents says it was temporarily abandoned. The only production was for about 12 moths and it was quite low. It was sold to White Star in 2017. They just plugged the well in 2019, so I don’t think you have any reason to put a claim into White Star. You probably got the only money you will get from them. You do need to see if Sundance still exists and claim against them for production and interest for the one year the well produced. If they don’t exist, then you might try to see if the funds are at the OK unclaimed funds office or if they were turned over to White Star. Then you might have a claim.

The equation would be: net acres/spaced acres x royalty x % perforations in your section. The well only produced 9534 bbls of oil and 95209 mcd of gas. So a terrible well. The $7.34 might be your actual total… How many acres do you have and what was your royalty?

No this is for Sundance Energy 2012 to 2014…Logan County, Oklahoma, Sect. 15/Township 16N/Range 3 West. I received checks in amounts ranging from $300 monthly up to $2500 for approxiamatly 2 years…nothing received since then except the check last month from White Star for $7.37. Never was notified from Sundance/Davis Partners/White Star about sale. Any more information you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you, Kim Ford

The Davis Partners 16-3-15 is the only well in that section previously owned by Sundance. See my explanation above. The well is no longer in production and has been plugged.

Martha, What do you mean by “% perforations in your section”, in figuring ‘ones’ interest decimal percentage? If you’re referring to the number of drilled, performing wells and there are 2, for example, would that number be x 2/1?

Your terminology and formula has me a bit confused!

If the well goes across more than one section, then the production is allocated to each section. For example, if you had a well with 40% of the perforations in section 2 and 60% of the perforations were in sec 11, but you only owned in section 11, then the last term of the equation would be 0.60. Most of the time each section would be spaced at 640. Sometimes, there are larger ones and the equation would be adjusted.

If the well is only in one section then all the perforations would be in that section and the last term would be 1.0.