Current Oil Lease pricing?

Hello, new to this forum so asking if anyone would know the current lease price for 7-1n-5w in Stephens county and if there is any rumor of future drilling

Welcome to the forum.

The last major activity in the area was in 2013-2015. Continental did a good bit of leasing in earl 2020 before the Covid down drop in activity. Those lease offer bonuses are private. Maybe someone on the forum can comment if they have a more recent offer. Pooling orders are public, so they can be helpful if within the last year. The last pooling order in the contiguous (touching) sections was in 2015 when prices of oil and gas were much different, so would not be helpful now. Given that Continental and others leased in 2020, they have about three years in which to decide to drill or not, so time will tell.

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