Current Mineral Rights offers in Sections 25 and 31 in Grady County

My wife and her family have mineral rights to approximately 165 acres located in sections 25 and 31, in Grady County, OK. They recently received offers from 3 companies and are wondering if these offers are reasonable and fair.

  1. $1500 and 1/5th (offered for both Sec. 25 and 31) **This will obviously not be accepted.

  2. $1650 and 1/5th (for both sections 25 and 31)

  3. $1750 and 1/5th (This company only considers section 31)

The family made a request for a 1/4 royalty, but all three companies stated they will not consider this amount at this time.

My understanding is there has been recent activity with the wells in these sections, which may be why they were recently contacted by the three companies. The family really wants the 1/4% royalty and would negotiate the bonus as necessary to get the 1/4%. What would be a reasonable counter offer? Also, how can they negotiate with company #3 to consider both 25 and 31 sections?

Thanks for your help.

Pat Cosentino

You need to add the township and range. There are many sections 25 & 31.