Current leasing

Who is currently leasing in Marshall county Cameron district

Leases in last 12 months colored by company that leased:

Wells colored by Operator to see who might want to lease based on location:

Hi Perry and welcome to the forum. Tug Hill (TH Exploration) out of Ft Worth, TX appears to be the most active company signing leases in the Cameron District. You can check out their activity on the Marshall County website at Check Book 1136 and page 280 and 283 for examples of leases. Hope that helps.

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thanks for the maps looks like i`m surrounded with drilling activity

thanks for the link that’s the one i use to keep check on the current activity. tug is the successor in line for the current lease which expires in two days for 221 acres

Dome, Can you please tell me the steps to finding the book and page in the Marshall County link you posted. Thank you!

Go to the Marshall County online documents site noted in my earlier post. I would suggest entering a name in the Individual menu selection first to see what documents come up pertinent to that person or family. You can select any of them for viewing. If you know the book and page numbers simply select the Book & Page heading in the drop down menu under the Individual heading and enter the numbers. In order to print any documents you need to subscribe. There is no charge for viewing. There are other selections in the drop down menu for Firm, Instrument and Description if you want to search any of those. A little trial and error and you will get it like I did. Good luck.

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