Current leasing in Blocks 10 and OW

I’m a mineral owner. Anyone know of any current leasing going on in Pecos County near the following locations … and, if so, what current lease terms and bonus amounts are?

Section 1, Block 10

Section 78, Block OW

Can’t find a Block 10, must be a typo.

With Block OW, Section 78, the only leasing over the last 12 months has been no closer than 5 miles. See the following from Drilling Info (Section 78 is the highlighted square)

Thanks for the info about Sec. 78, Block OW, Donald.

To locate Block 10 … directly north of Block OW is Block 8. About midway north/south on the eastern border of Block 8 is Block 10 are 2 small triangular sections … the northern triangle is Section 1, Block 10. It’s just a bit south of the river that’s the border between Pecos and Ward counties, near the Imperial Reservoir…

If you use the Texas General Land Office website ArcGIS Web Application, when you zoom in on this area you have to click on the small triangular section and up pops the description of Section 1, Block 10, Pecos County.

True, this is a small section that can be hard to see until you zoom way in.

Okay, here you go. The lease to the north of Block 10 Section.
Grantor: STATE OF TEXAS ET AL Grantee Alias: PRAXIS O&G Vol/Page: NA/NA Record Number: 2020-173461 **Record Date:**12-30-2020 Term (Months): 24 Ext. Term (Months): 1 Area (Acres): 26.66670036

Here’s more information on the state lease near Section 1